Pins and Digits - Julien Dyne

I mentioned Julien Dyne in passing here when his album dropped last year, and I thought it might still be worthwhile to revisit it ten months on, especially after Electric Wire Hustle's recent visit to the UK.

A Kiwi drummer/producer from New Zealand, his sound is all those good swung drums, afrobeat horns and trippy synths. He is also a painter and sculptor.

An informative interview can be found here.

As far as the album goes, there is so much variety, to keep you on your toes all the way through. "Stained Glass Fresh Frozen" is his take on the half swung-half straight soul (featuring Mara TK of EWH), and "Incredulous" has been a favourite of mine to play out for the dancefloor. The minute-long interludes of experimental drum patterns gives a suggestion of how this album came to be - it's a meshing together of ideas and sketches, some more developed than others. I like that looseness and openness.

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