Video: Sage Francis "Love The Lie"

I'm personally not a huge fan of Sage Francis musically but I do love this video (ah, robot love). It also illustrates a point I've spoken to a few people about this week - basically I've been ranting about how so many hip hop artists seem to set the creative bar for their work by comparing it to other hip hop artists, rather than drawing inspiration from and comparing themselves to whoever is making the most exciting and innovative art out there regardless of genre or art form. I don't lay the blame solely at their door either - I see so few hip hop journalists, bloggers and industry folk willing to be really honest when a piece of work (particularly from a big name), is bland, repetitive, devoid of meaning, or creatively barren. This is probably a longer post for another day, but for now - thank you Sage, and to all artists who push the creative envelope.