Video/ Stream: MED Returns with a MEDical Card...

MEDical Card from Stones Throw on Vimeo.

I was going back over those hilarious classic Hip Hop graphs and charts over the weekend with a friend and I would love to do a pie chart of the Stones Throw marketing budget (Mayer Hawthorne > everybody else). It's not really my place to speculate but it's quite fun. Anyway, the budget nature of this video compliments the plot. Before you ask apparently the sample is “So Fine” by Howard Johnson from the album “Keepin’ Love New”(1982).

Real talk I'm not a massive fan of MED as a rapper, but that doesn't stop me checking for his music excitedly because the beats are always hawt. A cop out? Maybe, but if you haven't jumped up and down like a fool to a tune with a sub-par rapper on it and just ignored them because of the beat you take life far more seriously than I (to be clear I don't consider MED sub-par, just not one of my favs). Push Comes to Shove from 2005 was full of bangers and I completely rinsed it. From what I'm hearing don't expect the forthcoming album to push the envelope of originality but  if you're a big fan of that early 2000s Madlib/ Dilla sound, sounds like he's got you.

   MED - Classic feat. Talib Kweli by stonesthrow