Interview [Fader]:Chilly Gonzales

I know I go on about him all the time but I just love Chilly Gonzales so much. Here's an excerpt, you must read the whole thing here -

That telegram, as far as I’m concerned, is legal tender. And I felt it tenderly. It was a very nice gesture. Largo is a seated theater with maybe 200 people, and the LA audiences are a little bit like North German audiences. I know they’re liking it, but it’s just strange because they’re the first to stop applauding. Usually I have to stop people from jeering, applauding, doing what they do. So I was a bit like, I know they like it but maybe they just feel like they’ve seen everything—a sort of blasé insider showbiz thing. I don’t know LA that well. And I just thought to myself as I was on stage, I want to cuddle with them, like spoon them somehow.