Video/ Download: DâM-FunK "Hood Pass Intact"

Confession time. This is still my ringtone. I can't hear my phone. Can't bear to change it though. To anyone who still doesn't realise what a lovely bloke Dam is, take a listen to these lyrics. Dam seems to have given up on sleeping since he's got two solo projects on the go at the moment (as well as a Master Blazter album).

He's producing an album for one of his musical heroes, Steve Arrington from Slave.

Steve Arrington & Dam-Funk "I Be Trippin" by stonesthrow

Peanut Butter Wolf has also gotten his hands on some music produced by Dam in his younger years for a project entitled "Adolescent Funk". I almost didn't believe this song was real until I saw the artwork - a true G from the day he was born it seems.

Dam-Funk - I Like Your Big Azz (Girl) 1992 by stonesthrow

Download Big Azz (Girl) here