Trailer: "Influencers"

INFLUENCERS TRAILER from R+I creative on Vimeo.

This made me exceptionally uncomfortable. The focus of this film seems to be on this idea of these "influencers" and "creatives" and "how trends & creativity become contagious today in music and fashion", with very little focus on the worth, substance or longevity of this influence. I love Jay Z's music in a club but I can't think of a single profound or lasting influence he has had on my life, unless you count taking up hard drive space.

The problem I have with this post-Gladwell/Godin talk (much as I like both of those authors), is that the focus of their works seems to have been conveniently shifted by people with big egos wanting to lead tribes, and be seen as the early adoptors or "influencers" who don't seem to have thought about where they actually want to lead people. Films like this, so called "connoiseur" blogs where the contributors post endless photo shoots of themselves trying to look cool, events where the only real point is to make it in to the photos - preferably with someone well known, etc etc seem like [fairly effective] propaganda to me.

I think what those people are scared to say is that the truth is that we can, should be, and are all "influencers". We have an amazing opportunity to inspire each other, share knowledge, create, collaborate, and positively influence the people around us with ease and speed every day, especially through technology. We might not make lots of money out of it or become famous, but we might make someone's day, enlighten or inspire them.