PMOI Exclusive: Kidkanevil Skype Interview + MP3 "Yokai" [Daedelus Rmx]

I caught up with the amazing Kidkanevil on Skype when I was away last week to find out more about him, snoop around his studio, hear some new work in progress and find out what he's working on. In particular I was interested in his album Basho Basho which has just been remixed by the likes of Daisuke Tanabe, Tokimonsta, Bug, Throwing Snow, Swedeart, Om Unit, Blue Daisy, Eliphino, Illum Sphere and Daedelus. We're lucky enough to have an exclusive free download to offer you - the "Daedelus Looks For That Remix of Yokai".

Basho Basho Remixed Remixed will be released on First Word Records on Monday 15th November, click the image for the tracklist and to hear more...

Kidkanevil Basho Basho remixed album