Video: Professor Green ft Maverick Sabre prod. by True Tiger "Jungle"

"It wouldn't have been possible without Henry Scholfield, Campbell Beaton, Ashley Rowe, Daniel Kenton and everyone else who took time out and contributed to the video! For those who only know me for my last three singles ('I Need You Tonight', 'Just Be Good To Green', 'Monster'), this is the first opportunity to see another side of my music brought to life. If Upper Clapton Dance was a look at life in the bits through a wide angle lense, then this is the ends under a micro-scope! This is real life, by real people. Ain't nothing nice round 'ere!"
Professor Green, Nov 2010

I imagine this might be a bit of a shock for the teeny boppers who could be forgiven for assuming at this point Pro Green doesn't really know any black people, was probably just joking about being from an estate and the record label paid someone to give him that bad boy scar that doesn't really match the blinging new teeth.

I sound like a hater but I was taken aback by just how squeaky clean the presentation started out, having heard "Jungle" on an industry friends' phone back in March and I was feeling it, so was surprised to hear cheese followed by more cheese from Pro Green this year. It's totally understandable and necessary if you're trying to turn in to a pop star but to come out with tracks like this so much later down the line is an interesting move.

I don't see the point in ignoring the fact that the video could easily lead to Daily Mail style hysterics and endless withering musings on the other side in The Guardian, at the end of the day it's a blunt depiction of extremely violent young black men in a white artists' video who isn't really getting involved and didn't invite them round to the "I Need You Tonight" video shindig. It's not as straight forward as that if you know of Pro Green's earlier work and you listen to the lyrics [he does say "we" not "them"], but it's a can of worms and I wonder if the fans who would have appreciated this song a year ago still have his back after all the cheese.