Free Download & Video: Stik Figa "From The Top" EP [prod. by Oddisee]

"I'm in the bucket with the bucket low/ nappy head, busted clothes / ain't shaved in a couple yo/ but the ladies love it though..." I do love it, can't get it out of my head, but truth be told I had to ask a friend about the lyrics because I had no idea what a Cutty was etc etc (apparently "Cutty" is an Oldsmobile Cutlass car, which they paint two tone).

I also found the mini doc really enlightening, I'm currently reading Jay Z's book "Decoded", and the more he breaks down what he actually means in his music, the more I realise I probably understood less than 50% - so to see Stik Figa walking around his home town of Topeka, Kansas brings to life the lyrics in a way that makes a lot more sense. Oddisee did it again, the EP features Dunc of DTMD, Ralph Real and Olivier Daysoul, and the first 1000 downloads are free - go go go.