Films: Kieren Hebden + Steve Reid, Radiohead + Fan, and Bjork + Michel Gondry

This could perhaps turn in to my longest blog post ever, not because of what I shall write, I'll keep that brief, but the length of time it might take you to watch all of the footage from the three very special films below - so perhaps go and make a cup of tea first. 

This is a very beautiful and moving mini-documentary about the making of Kieran Hebden (of Fourtet) & Steve Reid's third collaborative album "Tongues" from 2006. Steve sadly passed away last year in April, and this is a lovely snapshot of what an amazing man & musician he was.

Radiohead played a benefit gig for Haiti last January in LA, and one of their stalwart fans made a video of the entire 2 hour set which the band approved, and put it up on Youtube. Both the steely-armed makers of the film and Radiohead would encourage you to donate to Oxfam's Haiti fund here

Last but not least, Bjork is working on a new album set for release this year, and also on a sci-fi musical with Michel Gondry coming out at some point (probably not this year), either of which might be entitled Biophilia, reports are a bit hazy... In the meantime the song above has been adapted from Biophilia for an iPad app which is an electronic book about the solar system.