Homebase NYC Live At The Clubhouse w/ Homeboy Sandman & Coco

*For the impatient among you, the song kicks in around 1.44 mins in.

HOMEBASE presents: CoCo O. "Sleep" w/ theClubhouse from theClubhouse on Vimeo.

Alice Wonderland from Homebase NYC sent me over an EP last week which despite the features list [Sene, F.Stokes, Homeboy Sandman, Blu, Freddie Gibbs & Coco from Quadron] I approached with the same caution I do anything - it is so rare I get sent a project I can imagine listening to in 10 years. This is one of them. Live at the Clubhouse Vol 1 is crazy, the production is just ridiculous - I cannot wait for it to come out so you can hear it. For now you can grab "Fully Equipped" ft Homeboy Sandman as a free download -

The Clubhouse is the nickname given to the massive Victorian-era house where a collective of artists live and create in Brooklyn. And its the name that producers Matt McMahon and Andrew Reid create under when recording with a cast of musicians in their home’s top floor studio. Over the last few months HomeBase NYC’s Alice ‘Wonderland’ Grandoit has been working with McMahon and Reid on a five song EP with the aim of merging the talent you can hear at HomeBase parties and shows with the sound of The Clubhouse. The result is HomeBase presents Live At The Clubhouse Vol. 1 which will be released on February 9th.