Video: Still Shining [J.Dilla Documentary]

"J.Dilla: Still Shining" from B.Kyle on Vimeo.

Though this has been floating around for a few days I wanted to hold off and post it today - five years exactly since J.Dilla passed away. This touching documentary was made with so much love it's hard to imagine anyone could watch it without being covered in goosebumps and shedding a few tears, but also feeling inspired to work really hard and do the best they can, it's a lovely testament.

I went to the J.Dilla Changed My Life concert at the Scala on Sunday, and it was amazing, though bitter sweet, that five years later there would be a huge queue around the corner on a cold Sunday night in London to celebrate and honour an artist who wasn't booked at a venue of that size here when he was alive. Some scorn those who weren't aware of his music back then but are fans today, but I feel sad they didn't get to come and see Slum Village live, or J.Dilla's last show at the Jazz Cafe - we were lucky, but what a testament to the man's work that it has that effect on people, and continues to live on.


Big up to anyone who appreciates what they've got before it's gone. Rest in peace J.Dilla.