Video & Download: Ana Tijoux "Elefant"

Ana Tijoux - Elefant from Jon Casey on Vimeo.

Aside from her immaculate taste in beats (Rock Co.Kane Flow by Jake Uno if you can't quite remember), Ana Tijoux in her own right is pretty heavy. Chile's first ever Grammy nominated artist, this is a slightly random chunk of a busy day in the very hectic sounding life chopped together by Caseytography to make a music video.

Though it's hard for a plebeian such as myself who can only speak one and a bit languagues to fully get behind anyone who's not rapping in English (who knows, she could be rapping about socks and yoghurt), I'm really enjoying her recent mixtape "Elefant" featuring beats by M-Phazes, Waajeed, Kev Brown, Oddisee & more, grab it here.  

Thanks to The Fader