Bandcamp vs Topspin

*Independent artist or label? Set aside an hour to watch this

I admit I was on the fence. Bandcamp was an amazingly simple tool which (at first) let anyone sell or give away their music for free in return for fairly valuable data (email addresses and post/ zip codes). Topspin was a paid service that only approved artists could use and they focused more on their marketing advice as a benefit.

In the last couple of months, Topspin has become available to anyone, and (I'm so sorry Bandcamp, you tried!) it just wins hands down. Having had to train artists up on how to actually make use of the data they were collecting from Bandcamp, set them up with mailing list provider services to send emails, and generally try to turn artist friends in to digital marketers the above Topspin demo is like an answered prayer. They have literally thought of everything at the click of a button, and because its an all in one solution it works out cheaper. If you're an artist or a record label and you haven't checked it out yet, make a cup of tea, set aside an hour and watch the video above - it is a game changer.