Nihon Kizuna


I decided to hold back to help ensure this great project got a second wind (nothing more annoying than a charity project consigned to the depths by hyperactive blogging). In the past two weeks the people behind it (Broken Haze, Laurent Fintoni, XLII & Audace) have managed to raise just under $18,500 at the last count, and I hope it will reach the $20,000 target shortly.

There will also be a launch party fundraiser presented by Kidkanevil at the Vibe Bar in London on 20th April with Slugabed, Om Unit, Blue Daisy, Throwing Snow, Danny Drive Thru & Kid K - click attending here.

The tracklist is extremely impressive, as it features Kode 9, Kuedo, Rudi Zygadlo, Broken Haze, Circulations Records, All City Records, Daisuke Tanabe, Yosi Horikawa, XLII, Memory 9, Ninja Tune, Kid Kanevil, Om Unit, Paul White, One Handed Music, BD1982, Illum Sphere, Fink, Emika, Mux Mool, Ernest Gonzales, Paper Tiger, Sesped, Jay Scarlett, Elliott Yorke (Royalty), Kan Sano, Onra & more. Possibly the most exciting thing about it however is the ability for a project like this to be conceived and executed in such a short space of time, involve so many people and raise such a substantial sum of money - it's a beautiful testament to the power of art and artists.   

For more info about Nihon Kizuna, or ‘bond of friendship with Japan’ see