PMOI Presents: Tanya Auclair "Gabriel" Dir. by Will Hanke

Tanya Auclair - Gabriel (Live) from Tanya Auclair on Vimeo.

When Tanya first performed this song at the Tabernacle in West London a few weeks ago, after only working it out the night before, by the time she sang "he had good news" half of the audience had erupted. Not one for introductions, it was a moment for those who were there on the right dancefloor in 1997, and Tanya had managed to capture and distill the beautiful essence of a two step classic. The reaction has been the same everywhere since, so when director Will Hanke dropped over to her house at the last minute and filmed the lady of many instruments performing a couple of songs from her forthcoming EP "Origami" this had to be included.

My mate Ed makes me the best compilations, a couple weeks ago I was throwing shapes hard in the kitchen to a mix he'd made me ages ago and I rediscovered this Peven Everett/Roy Davis Jr beauty called 'Gabriel'. I spent the next couple days mouth-trumpeting that chorus hook with a spring in my step. For all you old-skool UK garage heads, here's my refix - without mouth trumpet. Directed by brilliant filmmaker Will Hanke. 

"Origami" the new EP from Tanya Auclair will be released on June 13th. The launch party is on Thursday June 9th at Servants Jazz Quarters (click for info).