Drink Fuelled Documentaries: Cee Lo "Distilled" & Araabmuzik's "Burn"

It seems that if you would like to get your documentary commissioned this year, look no further than the nearest drinks company! Honestly though, who cares as long as they're interesting and not massively compromised? I'm not sure you can "distill" Cee Lo but if you could his bravery seems like a good place to start. In the niche musical world many of us occupy it's easier to pursue diverse tastes and take brave steps, in fact it's expected, but Cee Lo is one of the last who are able to couple genuine artistic integrity with major pop success - and right now that really is brave.

Apparently director Alec Sutherland finished this piece on Araabmuzik months ago but Burn Energy drink (pause) wanted him to hold off releasing it until later on this year. He nobly declined claiming this way it could be seen as something other than an advert  (perhaps the reason we don't see Araab glugging energy drinks the way Cee Lo caressed his vodka above). Well, that and because Araabmuzik's album "Electronic Dreams" came out on June 14th [iTunes link] - I'm not feeling the whole thing but a few tunes are tough