Stream/ Download: Gil Scott-Heron - Live At The Bottom Line '77


"We have a feeling that everybody in the whole world speaks drum..." 

I've been digging through some of Gil Scott Heron's work I was previously unfamiliar with since his passing, and this is one of my favourite finds so far. I love the way as he speaks to the audience he jumps between hilarity, fascinating stories and the searing truth. At times it's tough listening to such a beautiful soul knowing he's gone, but comforting that recordings like this ensure the most important parts are still here.

It's easy to forget with so much information at our fingertips that Gil Scott Heron was aeons ahead of his time in terms of his knowledge of world politics and culture, I'm reminded here that he really was one of the griots he spoke of. The music itself has also lost nothing over the 30 years since this recording, which came just before the release of the album Bridges. Even classic songs like It's Your World feel brand new again with the addition of the beautiful introductions and live instrumentation. 

Download: Gil Scott-Heron "Live At The Bottom Line '77" [click here]