Video: Diana Ross Live at Central Park 1983

Tomorrow morning Beyonce will be performing a televised free concert at Central Park in New York, almost exactly 28 years after Diana Ross performed a concert there for 800,000 people (the first day in the beautifully choreographed video above was rained off part way through so she actually performed the full show the next day, Friday 22nd July 1983).

After watching Beyonce's undeniably amazing (say something, what?) and historical headline set at Glastonbury this week I'm too exhausted to watch her again anytime soon. However I have just found a link to Diana Ross's slightly more sedate but equally glamorous affair, complete with (just slightly) gushing heartfelt proclamations, an impossible number of hit songs, and miraculously - even bigger hair.

Watch Diana Ross Live in Central Park 1983 here/ buy it on Amazon.
*Disclaimer - the video seems to take at least 5 minutes to load but it does work so be patient!