Video: Tanya Auclair - Origami EP Trailer

As you may have heard Tanya Auclair's new EP "Origami" will be released on Monday 13th June, (I'm so excited for you to hear it). We dropped her beautiful cover of Roy Davis Jr ft Peven Everett's "Gabriel" a couple of weeks ago, and today an appropriately interesting and intricate trailer by video and performance artist Eleni Savvidou.

The featured song "Fluke" will be on the EP, it has actually been floating around for a while in Tanya's head, the random parts it's made up of took their time to come together but did finally a couple of weeks ago.  The launch party for Origami is this Thursday 9th June at Servant's Jazz Quarters in Dalston, capacity is limited so I suggest you get there as early as possible.

"A week after I finished 'Fluke', I found Eleni's work by chance via twitter, as soon as I saw her films a light went on in my head. And then in both our heads! She experimented with different versions but this is the first take she did and she nailed it. Her film and my song are like 2 peas in a pod, or maybe more like 2 electrons jostling in the same atom. "