PMOI Presents: Robin Hannibal’s Last Night On Earth [Mix #002]

robinbannerPhoto by Angie Smith

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I started the "Last Night On Earth" podcast with a desire to discover the music that means most to some of the people in music who inspire me. The first was by producer Eric Lau, and after a long absence, the next is by Robin Hannibal. Robin's face and name may not be the most familiar, but he produces for Quadron, Boomclap Bachelors, Owusu and Hannibal, Louie and most recently the internet conquering Rhye (amongst other projects).

In my opinion Robin is one of the most talented emerging artists in the world right now and we're lucky enough to catch him on the cusp of huge things, and I'm so glad because this mix is a glorious combination of subtle Scandinavians, deeply intelligent composers and the ultimate in soulful pop music - a true reflection of Robin's own work. Even the R.Kelly track.

I asked talented LA based photographer Angie Smith to meet up with Robin to take these photos, and she captured a wistful gaze at sunset I think really helps set the mood. - AI


Welcome to my selection of songs that I couldn't live without. They all have a special place in my heart for different reasons. Some inspire, some touch me, some make me jealous. - RH

[Full tracklist and description after the jump.]


Mew - Introducing Palace Players This song blew me away the first time I heard it. It was just so fresh and different. The rhythm has almost an off-kilter wonkee feel, but it's live, and super tight. both musically and artistically they are a group I look up to a lot. And they are Danish!

Superheroes - Someone Else We are staying in Denmark with multi-instrumentalist, singer and composer Thomas Troelsen's band Superheroes, which is still one of my all time fave bands. This song reminds me of being 20 years old thinking that if I could create something as honest as that I would be a happy man.

Zombies - Tell Her No I'm in love with lead singer Colin Bluntstone's voice. A beautiful heartfelt song. Listened a lot to their arrangements and instrumentation.

John Martyn - Solid Air Such a beautiful sentiment and feel to this song. Its like he is gliding and flowing on top of the song with his voice. The theme, lyrics and music fit perfectly together. He is one of the few artists whose albums I can have on repeat for hours and hours.

Grizzlybear - Cheerleader I have tremendous respect for this band. I really like their sound and aesthetic. Great arrangements and compositions. I listen a lot to their records for inspiration.

Thomas Dybdahl - From Grace This song has a special place in my heart. makes me very emotional when I hear it. Its so pure and honest, and it reminds of my early twenties.

Thom Yorke - Eraser I like Radiohead, but when I heard his solo record, I was blown away. I thought it was such a fresh approach to modern electronic music. Almost as if he solved how to place real singer/songwriters in experimental contemporary music. It was a huge inspiration for me musically.

Sebastien Tellier - Roche He is an artist I'm really into. I love his aesthetic and musicality. This song is a perfect example of a lot of different styles mashed together in perfect harmony.

Washed Out - Feel It All Around This song was such a breath of fresh air, and I remember thinking, that it was so good to hear someone making a real strong song on top of 80s samples and beats. It had that lo fi sound that fitted his voice and aesthetic really well too.

El Perro Del Mar - Change of Heart Another Scandinavian! Great song, production and arrangement. I love that EP this was on. I listened to it over and over.

Ohio Players - Ecstasy This group is one of my all time favorites. The musicality is stellar, and there is so much pure emotion in their vocals. Junie Morrison that is singing Lead on this track is an artist and songwriter that I've researched a lot.

Marvin Gaye - Symphony I could have picked a lot of songs from Marvin, but I went with this one, that was never released while he was alive. Smokey Robinson wrote it. Its just one of those songs where everything connects with me, the topic, the music and the melody. Marvin is my all time singer. I never get tired of listening to him. If anybody knows of a voice like Mr.Gaye's, please contact me!

Ennio Morricone - Chi Mai This composer is a someone that I always have in my thoughts when writing and arranging music. He has a special place in my heart. He scored so many amazing movies that I grew up with and i love everything about him. Everything is so heartfelt and emotional, which is what I always want my music to accomplish first and foremost.

George Duke - Faces in Reflection This song is my ultimate chord progression song! I love that it's always moving somewhere, and how he uses his voice as an instrument. That inspired me a lot in how you can use your voice in alternative ways.

Bobby Womack - I'm In Love It feels like no matter what he sings it's just pure emotion. I love his delivery and feel. so special.

Michael Jackson - Liberian Girl Couldn't do a list without including my favorite artist of all time. He has a special place in my heart. I grew up with him and im still a huge fan.

Prince - Beautiful Ones A special song from a very special artist. I got to meet him recently and party at his house, and I have tremendous respect for his musicianship and artistry. He is another artist I grew up with and I still follow.

Pharrell - Take It Off Love his solo album, especially the songs he sings on, and a teenage dream was fulfilled when I got to work with him earlier this year. He has shaped my music, and had a huge impact in modern pop music.

R.Kelly ft Tyrese, Robin Thicke, The Dream - Pregnant We are ending this mix with my no.1 guilty pleasure. He is an amazing singer and composer, and this song is just pure butter.

Kwabena Adjepong "Getaway" & Jacob Banks "Stay (Don't Kill My Vibe)"


It's been almost a year since I first mentioned Kwabena Adjepong, and from what I hear (still relatively little) he is in the process of writing and recording some original material. I can only imagine having to be objective when confronted with such an obscenely beautiful voice - he could quite literally sing the phone book and move me to tears. The song above is the most recent of a couple now up on his Youtube channel, and it certainly sounds as though he's aiming himself firmly at beautiful.

It's hard not to anticipate the almost inevitable part-compliment, part- music journo withering insult "throwback soul" being thrown in Kwabs' direction (unless Disclosure produce him, which would be depressing, have you heard Sam Smith singing "Latch" accompanied by strings and piano?? At least 20,000 of those views were me, legs crossed à la Urban Hang Suite. ).

The exciting thing is that this slightly snide description seems to have done very little harm to Lianne La Havas and Michael Kiwanuka, and there is an ever growing interest in (let's face it), black singer songwriters with that rich, stirring and yes, soulful tone to their voices that was so deeply uncool for so many years in this country. I have high hopes that frustrating argument *it's ok for Adele and Amy but not [insert person with significantly more melanin here]* may be peacefully laid to rest by the end of 2013 - for how long, who knows.


Another burgeoning singer songwriter with a beautiful, soulful tone I've been listening to of late is Jacob Banks. It's perhaps a little unfair to combine his music in the same post as Kwabs because it may lead to comparison, when really the point is how spoiled we are to have voices like these emerging in the UK and being heard. Banks has just released "The Monologue" EP on Soundcloud, and I get the impression that much like Laura Mvula, his music will be more resonant live than recorded. This cover is genuinely lovely, especially considering the sea of slightly desperate, almost mandatory "quirky cover" Youtube fodder my inbox is drowning in presently.

Listen: Josephine Oniyama "What A Day"

Remember when I got all excited about Tinashé a few years ago? Well around about the same time Island Records scooped up another talent of equal measure with a slew of great songs named Josephine Oniyama. Despite being the label who brought us artists like Bob Marley, Grace Jones and Baaba Maal, it seems that when Chris Blackwell left the company much of his vision, taste and flair for breaking artists who didn't fit a pre-existing mould disappeared with him.

I first stumbled across Josephine's brilliant and ridiculously catchy song A Freek A two years ago through Dom Servini, so I was very excited to discover that she has been working on an album with Ed Harcourt and Seb Rochford entitled "Portrait" due out on October 8th on Rubyworks/Ark Recordings. The new single "What A Day" is every bit as infectious as "A Freek A" and will be released on 20th August. I suggest watching the video below by way of brief introduction -

By rights the likes of Josephine and Tinashé (and many others you can find on this blog such as Tawiah, Tanya Auclair, Joshua Idehen, L.A. Salaami, Rahel, Ghostpoet and ESKA), are a new generation of homegrown singer-songwriters who probably grew up with The Smiths and Joni Mitchell as much as King Sunny Ade or Michael Jackson, as well as the artists Chris Blackwell worked with. The originality and richness of their music is the result, but so far it seems to be proving somewhat of a challenge for much of the industry to wrap their heads around (what some of us see as a no-brainer). Happily things change much faster now than ever before, and what with the quality of her voice and songwriting Josephine is undoubtedly about to make some serious headway. We will be supporting her with the very fibre of our beings.

Connect @thisisJosephine

Support: "What A Day" will be released on 20th August 2012.

Sonnymoon "Sonnymoon" LP

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[wpcol_1third_end id="" class="" style=""] This album is the perfect soundtrack for flying. If we could fly. Since we can't fly it's probably the perfect soundtrack for underwater swimming. OK there may be some logistics I need to work out here, but you get the idea. Sonnymoon is an opulent experimental psychedelic electronic suite, which may sound very pretentious but it's about as succinct as I can get in five words for something this lush and weird in equal parts. Every time I listen I hear something completely different, like an aural magic eye. I am sober, I promise.


Greatness by Sonnymoon

Purchase: Sonnymoon "Sonnymoon" LP

Connect: @Sonnymoon

Benin City "Baby"

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[wpcol_1third_end id="" class="" style=""]Something inside of me breaks every time I listen to this stunning lament. I've always been a sucker for a band that can hurt me, and whilst Benin Citys' live shows may be remembered for their high energy, horn-driven explosiveness, I have always appreciated their more tender moments. As the finale approaches, the horns and drums sob a loud and plaintive cry in contrast to the quietly pained vocal, sung as if directly to the object of all of this sorrow, and by the end all hope is lost. Ouch.


Benin City - Baby Out Now by BeninCity

Purchase: Benin City "Baby"

Connect:  @WeAreBeninCity

L.A. Salami - No Hallelujahs Now

I saw this guy live last year supporting Lianne LaHavas at Servants Jazz Quarters. It was a warm up gig for her performance on Jools Hollands' show and subsequent world domination. Usually reading an artist bio makes you groan - they're so often swimming with unhelpful comparisons and watery chunks of irrelevant information. L.A. Salami's is very accurate however, in that it confirmed word for word the conversation I had with my companion at the gig "this guy sounds like he could have been a rapper but fell in love with Bob Dylan instead". Dylan may be an influence but Salami has enough interesting stories of his own to set himself apart, and I look forward to writing about whoever ends up supporting L.A. Salami before his probable future appearances on Jools Holland and the likes' shows.

Untitled by L.A. Salami

Szjerdene "Patchwork" EP

There are few things more satisfying than watching a young artist grow and flourish over the years right in front of you. Szjerdene is such a wonderful example of someone taking her time and developing her craft, and there is a distinct vision and sense of identity that comes with each of her releases I have so much respect for. Szjerdene has exactly the kind of unique, pure, yet flexible voice producers dream of, and I imagine they constantly ask to feature her. It is so easy for singers to become a rent-a-voice before developing their own identities, yet Szjerdene seems to be particularly intent on making a clear artistic statement, even if it may take a little longer. The Patchwork EP, perhaps more so than Lead The Way, is a small yet perfectly formed jewel of a piece.

Patchwork The EP by szjerdene