Video: Débruit - "Cuivrée"

Perhaps seeing the film Beasts of The Southern Wild last week has left me particularly sensitive to talented young ladies who appear to walk bravely alone through their own worlds, but I've watched this video at least five times now and each time it leaves me grinning. Another collaboration between the brilliantly original visual artist Rainbowmonkey and equally  talented producer Débruit, this short film brings out the magic in one of my favourite songs "Cuivrée", taken from his debut album 'From the Horizon'.

Buy "From The Horizon" here

Buy "From The Horizon Remixed" here

Video: Tawiah "Every Step" Live, PMOI @ The C.A.M.P.

I first came across Tawiah back in 2008, when hardly anyone was self-releasing EPs or making the kind of music she made. Her "In Jodi's Bedroom" EP felt like it was part of the start of something so exciting in our music scene, at the time I could name the artists I knew of who sang in a London accent on one hand. I must have gone to see her live more than ten times, and hoped that one day I would book her.

Four years on, in a period of relative quiet to the outside world (writing a really good album takes time!), my partner in crime and resident DJ Eric Lau and I asked Tawiah to come and perform at the C.A.M.P., hoping we could do her justice. My favourite part of running a night is always soundcheck. The band might be a little stressed trying to tweak and perfect everything at the last minute, but I get a private gig where I don't have to worry about the guest list or whether it will start raining and no one will come. My lasting thought as I watched Tawiah soundcheck, was that I was watching a future star, an incredibly gifted artist who couldn't fail to go on and perform for the rest of her life to thousands of people.

I hope the video shows you even a tiny fraction of the atmosphere Tawiah and her band generated that night.

Video: Zaki Ibrahim "The Do"

Confession time: I haven't listened to Zaki Ibrahims' new album "Every Opposite" enough to give a fully formed opinion yet, but what I have heard so far I've liked. The first single "Something In The Water" has become something of a classic in my imaginary DJ sets, and this beautiful second single "The Do" sends my emotions scattering in various directions, settling in somewhat of an uneasy question mark. That abrupt ending forces a repeat. Zaki's voice is so beautiful, and these new songs are the first time I've really heard it in the kind of production that meets it so perfectly.

Kwabena Adjepong "So" (Acoustic Video)

This is one of those moments - a Lianne LaHavas, Michael Kiwanuka, Tinashe pre-launch moment.

A friend sent me a video of Kwabena performing an unbelievable cover of "Lost Child" for the Royal Family a while back (or Prince Harry nervously sitting next to Goldie, watch it after the jump). If ever there were a moment for this guy, it's now. There is precious little information about him floating around but I will dig around and get back to you, I promise.

Niki & The Dove "Tomorrow" & "The Fox" Video / MP3

The current funneling of the very best of the 80s (Kate Bush, The Bangles, Fleetwood Mac etc) through the world of alternative pop music by the likes of Niki and The Dove, Gotye, Toro y Moi & co seems to be churning out the musical equivalent of anti-depressants. Without the worrying side effects. The Fox is a particular favourite in my house (ie: enforced listening). After a few weeks of making up my own utterly ridiculous words I looked up the lyrics to this song online, and its up beat power-punch crunchiness made even less sense, if it really is about insomnia.

Download Niki & The Dove "The Fox" here. Happy times.

Lianne La Havas "Lost & Found" Video

Sometimes it's worth stopping to think about how incredibly recent it is that an artist could explode this quickly. For some people like Lianne, a natural performer and songwriter, it's a great thing. For a writer so young this song has such a timeless vein of universal truth running through it, which is probably why so many of the Youtube comments involve crying. There's certainly something about the direct to camera delivery that's reminiscent of the horrible moment you catch yourself crying in the mirror and it suddenly feels even worse. Or so I'm told, ahem.

Lianne is currently on tour in Europe throughout the spring/ summer.