Débruit - "Mega Wagna" Video + Debut Album "From The Horizon"

Débruit and Rainbow Monkey strike again! Finding an artistic collaborator who is equally as creative and original in their chosen medium as you are in yours (without huge sums of money being involved) must be incredibly exciting. It certainly is for the rest of us at least.

I must admit I was secretly hoping Débruit's new album "From The Horizon" would be stuffed full of the kind of obvious instant party classics he has made previously, "Nigerian What?" and "I'm Goin' Wit' You ft. Om'Mas Keith and Jamie Woon" being personal favourites. His choice of often quite random African samples reminded me of Timbaland's (incredible) Indian music sample phase, which I didn't get enough of before it was over. Luckily Débruit spent three years making something far more interesting than my rather limited initial hopes. The album is a genuinely fascinating journey through a futuristic exotic electronic landscape, filled with pothole-jerking bass and mosquito synths. It reminds me of the hustle of my Nigerian home town Warri, where we might not always have electricity but we still have iPhones...

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