Video: Gil Scott-Heron Live at the El Rey Theatre October 4, 2009

My friend Theo Jemison, whose beautiful work I've featured here often, sent over this footage of Gil Scott Heron shortly before he passed away. There's something so intimate about the way it's shot, it makes you feel as though you were in the room, like an invented memory, or the memories of other gigs past joining up to take you a short leap in to the El Rey that night.

Whilst obviously Gil was a performer of the very best kind - honest, warm, sincere and musically very gifted - this kind of film makes me so grateful for film makers who are there to capture those moments for posterity. I don't know how I would describe artists like Gil to my future kids with just their music to rely on; the next generation will be so much more visual than I, and I wonder how it will translate, but to have a little of the essence of the great and important voices of history preserved in cinematic moments like these gives me hope  they will continue to live on vividly.