L.A. Salami - No Hallelujahs Now

I saw this guy live last year supporting Lianne LaHavas at Servants Jazz Quarters. It was a warm up gig for her performance on Jools Hollands' show and subsequent world domination. Usually reading an artist bio makes you groan - they're so often swimming with unhelpful comparisons and watery chunks of irrelevant information. L.A. Salami's is very accurate however, in that it confirmed word for word the conversation I had with my companion at the gig "this guy sounds like he could have been a rapper but fell in love with Bob Dylan instead". Dylan may be an influence but Salami has enough interesting stories of his own to set himself apart, and I look forward to writing about whoever ends up supporting L.A. Salami before his probable future appearances on Jools Holland and the likes' shows.

Untitled by L.A. Salami