Photos: Mahalia and Tawiah @ PUT ME ON IT Live 13th March 2013

Technically, I'm a promoter. In reality, I'm always the biggest fan in the room, which is actually quite a feat when you've booked both Tawiah and Mahalia. There's something about them both - obviously they're significantly different stylistically - but they both have the kind of talent and originality that turns anyone who sees them perform in to believers. Believers who follow them around from show to show, basking in the moments we can still see them up this close. I won't describe their performances in detail here because we filmed them, but it was an extremely emotional evening, with Tawiahs' eyes filling up at one point during her single "Teardrop" as she delivered a performance that was almost brutally honest and heartfelt. The full set of photos by Wayne Thomas is on our Facebook page.

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