Video: Moats & Thrones ft. Oliver Coates "For Me" Live

Alice Grant of the quinoa like slow-release super group Moats and Thrones' voice is so addictive I will even listen to the audio from a muffled recording in a barn at last years In The Woods Festival on repeat (not sure where the mic was positioned, possibly outside the barn in a small puddle, these things happen).

In The Woods is one of the very few UK music festivals I will be going to this year, partly because I am so excited about putting on a stage and party at Soundwave Croatia everything else pales in comparison, and partly because for some reason everyone seems to think having the same line up as each other is a good idea.

The Laurel Collective who run In The Woods don't think this is a good idea however, and so far they have announced the likes of Alt J, Kwes, and Peter and Kerry (previous line ups have included The Invisible, Lianne La Havas, Micachu and various other people I heart very much). I'm crossing my fingers a few other PMOI favourites may be in contention for the line up this year, but regardless I will be heading to the secret location in the woods (that's a real secret location, not all this "secret" east London warehouse business). I'm hoping you need a compass and orienteering skills to find it. You should come too, especially if you have said orienteering skills.