PHOTOS: Tanya Auclair & ESKA @ PUT ME ON IT Live 10th April 2013

If there is one PMOI Live event that represents what I believe in perfectly, it's this. Growing up I couldn't begin to fathom the idea of going in to music (had I some talent in that area, which I don't), because it seemed so... artistically limited... for women of colour in the UK. It's in that context that I watched Tanya Auclair and ESKA - both singers, songwriters, composers, and producers who represent the exact opposite of the two dimensional women I grew up watching. These women are not just unafraid, but are opposed, to walking the monotone and conventional paths some might assume are laid out for them at a cursory glance. Whilst they are very different musically, they both excited the audience with their originality and the creativity of their work - I don't recall hearing a single "ooh baby" all evening, by the end of which most of us had our eyes closed or were in tears.

The rest of the photos by Wayne Thomas are on our Facebook page.

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