PMOI Presents: Tanya Auclair "Origami" Live [Dir. Will Hanke]

Photo by Oddisee 

It's hard to choose a favourite from an EP which only has three songs on it. They're all beautifully crafted, but the title track Origami might be my favourite to listen to live because it's paired down to just Tanya's voice and her trusty Microkorg.

If you haven't yet heard "Origami" you can listen & download here and I would highly recommend catching Tanya live at Love Box festival or one of the other gigs she has coming up this summer.

Listen + Download: Tanya Auclair "Origami" EP here

PMOI Presents: d e g o "What Ever" feat LuvBugz [MP3 + Stream]

Photo by Lars Beaulieu

If this is what's not on the album I'm so excited to hear what is! Mr Good Good aka Dego has a new album coming out on 20th June via 2000Black and on CD, and in the meantime has blessed us with a little exclusive to ease the wait. Apparently you can only grab this one here at PMOI and but I think it needs to be shared...

   d e g o "What Ever" feat LuvBugz by ameliaideh

Download: d e g o "What Ever" feat LuvBugz [Click here]

PMOI Presents: Tanya Auclair "Gabriel" Dir. by Will Hanke

Tanya Auclair - Gabriel (Live) from Tanya Auclair on Vimeo.

When Tanya first performed this song at the Tabernacle in West London a few weeks ago, after only working it out the night before, by the time she sang "he had good news" half of the audience had erupted. Not one for introductions, it was a moment for those who were there on the right dancefloor in 1997, and Tanya had managed to capture and distill the beautiful essence of a two step classic. The reaction has been the same everywhere since, so when director Will Hanke dropped over to her house at the last minute and filmed the lady of many instruments performing a couple of songs from her forthcoming EP "Origami" this had to be included.

My mate Ed makes me the best compilations, a couple weeks ago I was throwing shapes hard in the kitchen to a mix he'd made me ages ago and I rediscovered this Peven Everett/Roy Davis Jr beauty called 'Gabriel'. I spent the next couple days mouth-trumpeting that chorus hook with a spring in my step. For all you old-skool UK garage heads, here's my refix - without mouth trumpet. Directed by brilliant filmmaker Will Hanke. 

"Origami" the new EP from Tanya Auclair will be released on June 13th. The launch party is on Thursday June 9th at Servants Jazz Quarters (click for info).   

PMOI Presents: Tommy Tempa "Fragments" [Download + Interview]


I first came across Tommy Tempa at the end of 2009 when his Micachu remix of Turn Me Well blew me away and appeared on We Love Vol 6. I was becoming slightly jaded about electronica overload and Tommy's music had something distinctly juicy about it which got me excited again. After some prodding he sent over his new EP "The Quixotic" and I fell in love - for those who are fans of Kidkanevil, Debruit and Daedelus Tommy's name might be one to add to your list. I'm very excited to be offering a PMOI exclusive download of "Fragments", my favourite track on The Quixotic EP [iTunes link] which came out today on Somethink Sounds - be quick only the first 1000 are free.


I also asked Tommy a few "getting to know you" questions below...

How did you get the name Tommy Tempa? You seem so nice, do you loose your rag often? Hehe, well yeah people have wondered that before, and I must say I wouldn't consider myself an angry kind of guy! Its actually tricky to remember when it stuck, but it definitely came from my teen years when I was big into break-dancing - and if you want to be a proper B-boy you've got to have your name right? Somehow ended up with Tempa - think perhaps it was my battle style? Hehe its just like a second name to me now.

Can you describe your creative process? Judging by the music I always imagine you begin by going for a quick jaunt through the rainforest with a tape recorder and spear. If I lived in Brazil then you're pretty much spot on! I actually definitely do like to start with recording sounds I can find. Outdoors and indoors - kitchen utensils is always a favorite. I've got a tape recorder and a dictaphone which add nice character to field recordings, street recordings etc... plus I like to multi-sample instruments. The thumb piano on 'Fragments' for instance, that way I can play it on the keys and twist it up with effects or pitch it etc quite easily. I've got things like a beautiful hissy recording of a grand piano, and a spinet from a museum all mapped out on a sampler which is great to use. Sampling from records I don't really do so much in a direct sense. I usually just start with any small noise and manipulate it beyond recognition and work from there.

Are you a particularly quixotic person or is it just the EP?
Well as far as I understand the meaning of the word I would say when I was making the EP it definitely came from that quite idealistic, romantic train of thought - when you can just be lost in your own little musical world and not care about who or what scene is gonna like it and how to sell it etc. So yeah its a quixotic EP! And perhaps it sums up my general attitude towards the music industry and my part in it..

Whilst we're on the subject of idealism, what is the optimum situation for this EP to be listened to in? If I had my way I'd go for a swimming pool in Plastic People.
I love it! This is gonna have to happen for the release party. It wouldn't be too hard to sort right? (Actually we are having one but not sure of details yet - will keep you posted). Well I would say ideally not skipped through on laptop speakers hehe, and all in order - the tracks are intended to lead on to each other. But however people are comfortable I guess... Just with open ears.

You have a habit of remixing that which should never be touched (Micachu, Caribou etc) and somehow pulling it off with great success - any collaborations in the pipeline? [If not who would you like to work with?]
Ha! Thanks! Yeah you mentioned two of my wishes right there... Well I actually live with some very musical people; Raisa from Micachu and The Shapes, and Olly from another band The Laurel Collective, plus a girl who's a classical double bassist. Theres definite passing of ideas going on - watch this space! Got one or two other people there's ideas forming with as well... Animal Collective would definitely be another on the wishlist, I love the kind of free-wheeling nature of their music. Maybe one day!

PMOI Presents: Stac "Turn That Light Out" Kidkanevil & Blue Daisy Remixes [Download]


Before you even begin reading this, hit download on the two beautiful remixes by Kidkanevil and Blue Daisy below quickly because the freebies are limited to the first 1000. They come from the second volume of remixes of Stac's debut album Turn That Light Out, which arrived on Wah Wah 45s recently. It features a really diverse range of production talent including Yult, Scrimshire, Alex Patchwork, Herma Puma, Ashley Beedle, Kidkanevil, Blue Daisy and Co. Since it struck me as a rather unusual thing for an artist to be this comfortable with putting out so many remixes I asked Stac a few questions about it...


Most songwriters seem to hate remixes, how do you feel about this EP?
I love remixes! When I first started writing songs I just wrote acappellas and gave them to people to do their thing with, so actually I am really used to it. I get really excited when I get remixes back because its so interesting to hear somebody else's take on your song. It breathes new life into your song and if the person remixing it is amazing then why would the remix be anything else? Having said that I have asked for a few tweaks here and there but only tiny ones that wouldn't mean anything to anyone other than me!

Is it strange giving someone a song you've made as a collection of (potentially quite personal) "parts" to put back together in a different way?
It is strange but its also really exciting. Its like getting photos developed, you have an idea of what you think they are going to be like but there are often lots of surprises, so far so good!


Do you have any favourites or is that like asking you to pick a favourite child?
Haha! I am going to be boring and deliver the standard answer in saying that I couldn't pick a favourite. It's bloody impossible because they are all so different and all give me oodles amounts of joy!


If you could choose any of your own songs to be reworked by any artist (or combination of artists) dead or alive what would you go for?
Blimey! Well. I would give my left arm (I need my right) to have Quincy Jones do 'Head on Me'. I reckon that would be pretty sick and also, I was drunk the other night and I thought it would be a good idea to write Timberland an email asking him to save the pop world from all the RnB auto-tune euro trash awfulness that's in the charts at the moment. I didn't send it but I think it would be interesting to have him do 'Glory' or a really wonky Balls Bounce, maybe? Im gonna think about this question some more cause it's a good one!

Stac & Blue Daisy will be supporting Little Dragon @ Heaven on 11th May and performing the remixes! Tickets here

PMOI Presents: Yult ft Tanya Auclair "The Animal Inside" EP [Free Download]


The long wait is over - but be quick, only the first 1000 downloads of this EP by Yult featuring Tanya Auclair are available for free! I've been talking about this EP since the August, with lots of you nagging for a release date, so I hope you'll spread the word to anyone who's been waiting so they can grab a copy before it goes on sale. 

PMOI Presents: Yult ft Tanya Auclair "Inland Empire" [Free Download]

Inland Empire 500

It has been quite a wait for this project to come out, after we dropped the beautiful live video back in August, Yult and Tanya have been perfecting the rest of the EP entitled "The Animal Inside", which will be available from next week. In the meantime you can download the stunning single "Inland Empire" for free and remind yourself of the video below.

PMOI LIVE: DTMD @ Southpaw Brooklyn (CMJ 2010)

We've been talking about these guys for a while now, since their impressive debut EP The Basics came out in January, and I kept rubbing my eyes about the fact they were 19 but showed so much confidence. Luckily enough they were available to come through for the showcase we put on at Southpaw in Brooklyn with Homebase NYC in October for CMJ Music Festival, and the guys opened the show (and did themselves proud, they're real naturals live), which also featured Olivier Daysoul, Tranqill, Hezekiah, Homeboy Sandman, Outasight, Blu and lots of others. I look forward to hearing their forthcoming debut album, hopefully out soon...

Filmed & edited by Joel Craigs