In 2005 Bobby Mcferrin released a DVD of his astonishing live show called Live in Montreal. His set included a solo performance of the song Drive from Simple Pleasures, a studio project released in 1988. I didn't know a single singer who was not obsessed with that version of Drive; I was actually convinced that he would never top that. Today I heard VOCAbuLarieS and I was forced to swallow my words. What else can I say except you need this in your life?! If you love voices, harmonies, and perfect song arrangements, then this is the album for you.
Check out the promo video for Say Ladeo below. You can thank me later :-P


Tranqill - Deadly Wintaz [Official Video]

I can't express clearly enough my belief in Tranqill as an artist. His "Hidden Treasures" EP will be released on One Handed Music March 9th, it has been a very long time coming, and the album (bits of which I'm privileged enough to have heard) will be an instant classic - it's incredible - believe.

Watch this space.

Tranqill - Deadly Wintaz from Haydn Davies on Vimeo.

Baloji Ft Konono No.1 "Karibu Ya Bintou"

Baloji, a Congolese (Belgian resident) artist who has been making a name for himself recently after releasing his debut album Hotel Impala in '07 and 2010s Kinshasa Succursale from which Karibu Ya Bintou (Welcome to Life in Limbo) comes... you can read an interview with him over at Strictly Niceness if you speak French!


Download: DTMD - "The Basics" EP

Growing up I always had a sense of being behind somehow because Michael Jackson was so amazing aged 5, and I have that familiar feeling writing this.

Last time I was in DC I was introduced to Dunc and 'Toine, two emerging artists making their way up in the DMV hip hop scene who could count amongst their friends, collaborators and teachers some of the finest producers and MCs in the area. I was blown away by the way Toine basically spoke entirely in hip hop lyrics (many of them probably penned before he was born), and Dunc was sending eager yet far more established producers obscure samples he wasn't yet ready to flip. They're 19.

Oddisee is one of thier key champions and Dunc actually produced The Shining on the debut Diamond District Album, whilst Toine was featured on '95 North on Oddisee 101 - here's what he had to say about them...

"These two dudes are way doper than I was at their age. I can only imagine what they'll be on when they can legally drink." -Oddisee

That being said this isn't a prelude to make you feel sorry for them and download this EP - I genuinely like it and have a feeling I'll be hearing a lot more from DTMD in the near future.

<a href="http://dtmd.bandcamp.com/album/the-basics-ep">Intro by DTMD</a>

Dirty (filthy) Projectors

I've loved this band for a while now, but it's taken till now to tell about them. I wanted them to be my little secret but I'm learning that I may not always get what I want.

Dirty Projectors are a band, they live in Brooklyn and are lead by a dude named Dave, Dave Longstreth to be precise. Right now there are 6 people in the band but there used to be more, at least eleven-teen. One of their former members is the mighty Ezra Koenig of Vampire Weekend.

Dirty Projectors make vocal driven, soulful, silly and serious indie rock. They put a smile on my face, sometimes I giggle at how off "centre" their musical imagination wanders, because it's that good.

This video is fir Stillness Is The Move from their 2009 release Bitte Orca  just nuts, and beautiful, and silly all at once.

Llamas, Wolves, and Singers, Oh My!!

Mburu-Bowie xx

*Editors note - we featured a Dirty Projectors track called "Ascending Melody" on We Love Vol 14 and a DP cover by Solange Knowles on We Love Vol 5...sorry for ruining your secret Beth!

The Heavy

The Heavy

Ninja Tunes have a subsidiary record label called Counter Records. Among that roster you will find one of the most electrifying live bands that Britain has to offer. That band is called The Heavy, and pardon the cliché but, words cannot describe the flurry of emotions I experience when they're brought to mind.

A four piece band from Noid, they cite Howlin' Wolf, Bo Didley, and The Parliaments as a major influences on their music and describe their sound as a dangerous collection of beats and riffs aka 'dirt'. I believe it! They took me under their wing as a percussionist and backing vocalist during their European Summer tour in 2008, and I'm still reeling.

(L-R. Daniel, Spence, Chris, Swaby)

Their Sophmore Album "The House That Dirt Built" tonight, was released in October 2009 and they are currently taking America by storm. A recent appearance on The David Letterman Show left the host so desperate for more that for the first time in the history of the show, Dave asked The Heavy for an encore.

Beth Mburu-Bowiexx

Shafiq Husayn EPK #6 with Miguel Atwood-Ferguson

En' A-Free-Ka by Shafiq Husayn has to have had the best promotion for an album in 2009.  The more I hear about the heart and soul and detail that went in to the making of it the more I notice it and enjoy listening to it. That is the best promotion there is - when the music sells itself. I'm waiting for RBMA to edit the footage from last night's Broadcasting event at Cargo, (where I shook hands with Mr Atwood Ferguson as we left), before writing my review. I'm hoping some genius rubbed off during the handshake and now I can become an incredible composer/arranger too.

Shafiq En' A-Free-Ka EPK VI from Plug Research on Vimeo.