PMOI LIVE: Olivier Daysoul @ Southpaw Brooklyn (CMJ 2010)

PMOI had the honour of dropping Olivier Daysoul's brilliant "Mr Saint Louis" EP (produced by Oddisee) here back in October, and shortly afterwards Olivier came out to Brooklyn with us for our joint CMJ showcase with Homebase NYC. You can check out some footage from that show above, (we have more to follow shortly featuring DTMD, Hezekiah and Tranqill). We also have a new track of Olivier's produced by Eric Lau dropping early next week, but until then re-familiarize yourself with the Mr Saint Louis EP...

Mr Saint Louis Artwork

PMOI Exclusive: Ghostpoet Skype Session + "Freefire" Download ft Dels + Kwesachu Mixtape

I caught up with the lovely Ghostpoet a couple of weeks ago, to grill him about his forthcoming album on Brownswood "Peanutbutter Blues & Melancholy Jam", living in Coventry, family life, "poetry" and comfort food. I first heard about Ghostpoet around this time last year when I posted up the Kwesachu Mixtape, a collaboration between Kwes and Micachu which has since disappeared from the internet...until now. The amazing Coby has hooked me up with some goodies to share in the form of an exclusive free download of the track "Freefire" produced by Kwes ft Ghostpoet and Dels, and the re-upped Kwesachu Mixtape. Enjoy, and feel free to share or leave some feedback in the comment section.

Download: Freefire [prod. by Kwes] ft Ghostpoet and Dels

Download: The Kwesachu Mixtape Vol 1

Kwesachu Mixtape Vol. 1 Tracklist



  1. "Metal" - Micachu (0:00)
  2. "Freefire" - Ghostpoet & Dels (1:54)
  3. "(untitled)" - Brotha May (5:45)
  4. "Monster's Waltz Rework Medley" - The Invisible (7:34)
  5. "Violina" - Dels (12:12)
  6. "Epping" - Kwes ft. Elan Tamara (14:41)
  7. "Morning" - Ghostpoet ft. Micachu (16:48)
  8. "One Pure Thought" - Hot Chip (19:31)
  9. "Radio Ladio" - Metronomy (24:05)
  10. "Wok On By" - Kwes (26:08)
  11. "Stay" - Micachu ft. Miss Bienek (26:18)
  12. "White Hair" - Cibelle (28:24)
  13. "True Romance" - Golden Silvers (31:14)
  14. "Shapeshift" - Dels (35:34)
  15. "Closer (Ne-Yo Cover)" - Kwesachu ft. Romy of The xx (39:07)
  16. "Camping In England" - Johnny aka Man Like Me (42:33)
  17. "Love Blind" - Micachu ft. Ghostpoet (43:41)
  18. "Bread Before Bed" - Kwes (45:04)
  19. "Butterflies" - Finn Peters (47:10)
  20. "Exi(T)le" (50:57)


PMOI Exclusive: Kidkanevil Skype Interview + MP3 "Yokai" [Daedelus Rmx]

I caught up with the amazing Kidkanevil on Skype when I was away last week to find out more about him, snoop around his studio, hear some new work in progress and find out what he's working on. In particular I was interested in his album Basho Basho which has just been remixed by the likes of Daisuke Tanabe, Tokimonsta, Bug, Throwing Snow, Swedeart, Om Unit, Blue Daisy, Eliphino, Illum Sphere and Daedelus. We're lucky enough to have an exclusive free download to offer you - the "Daedelus Looks For That Remix of Yokai".

Basho Basho Remixed Remixed will be released on First Word Records on Monday 15th November, click the image for the tracklist and to hear more...

Kidkanevil Basho Basho remixed album



This is such a dope video! We're actually working on a more PMOI specific video with live audio etc but you can check out some footage from the event Homebase NY organised for CMJ and let us get involved with this October. A huge thank you again to all of the artists involved, Midnight Rockers for the visuals and everyone who came out!

PMOI Skype Session: Waajeed in Chile

Waajeed spoke to us a few weeks ago about his forthcoming project "Half-Breed", showed us around the studio in Chile, played a snippet of a track he'd just finished working on, talked about his thoughts on bloggers, why he didn't release Tron on Ubiquity, the difficulty of touring PPP, the 9 projects he's working on, and his plans to return to London.You can listen to a snippet of the track in the video below, it's titled "Nothin Don't".

   Waajeed - Nothin Don't Snippet [] by ameliaideh

PMOI TV: Tell Us Something We Don't Know - Homeboy Sandman


I caught up with one of my favourite rappers on the planet a few months ago, Homeboy Sandman. I decided not to ask him about the themes in his latest album The Good Sun [iTunes link], which rappers inspire him etc etc. Instead I got his thoughts on super cool dudes like Gandhi & Martin Luther King, his bad habit of getting wrapped up in the pleasures of the flesh, and an impassioned diatribe on the anti-brown messages music on US radio sends through hip hop... I also caught his freestyle at the Audible Treats showcase at SXSW 2010. Enjoy!

PMOI TV: Grillade @ SXSW 2010


I'm working my way through my footage from SXSW ridiculously slowly at the moment but there is more to come. I was really impressed by a new band called Grillade - comprised of singer Ragen Fykes, producer Keelay (of Keelay and Zaire), and supergroup The Park. I wasn't quite sure what to expect since Ragen is quite softly spoken and was rocking the kind of English straw boater hat I was forced to wear on top of my afro to school as a child. As you can see from the video she's not so sweet on stage and tore a hole in it - Ragen actually reminds me of Tiombe Lockhart a few years ago. You absolutely have to watch this through until the guitar solo at 3.50mins - the band and production were very much on point. Ones to watch for sure...


Grillade @ SXSW2

PMOI TV: Sonnymoon Live @ SXSW 2010


I got overwhelmed by the hours of footage I filmed in Texas hence the delay, so to kick things off here is my favourite performance of the festival. It's quite tough at SXSW for performers, most of the sound systems were terrible and Sonnymon had to go on last after a crew of about 25 rappers (I exaggerate not) were politely forced off stage to make way for them (and you can see the sound guy just wandering around on stage). Despite that they were pretty damn good.

Prior to this performance I had only really heard Sonnymoon's version of Houstatlantavegas which I preferred to Drake's original and featured on We Love Vol #11 back in December - the crowd begged to hear it but they didn't have the instrumental. Anna's voice completely blew me away live, she sounds just as effortlessly amazing as she does recorded and they instantly became my new favourite band. You can check out their debut album Golden Age below.

<a href="">Run Away by Sonnymoon</a>

I have to say a HUGE thank you to Maiya from Blind I For The Kids - a more wonderful hostess you couldn't ask for.