Video: The Park "Twice The Zombie" + "The Process"

One take. I admit it's perhaps not the most captivating piece of footage [I screen hopped] but the music is brilliant - a juicy Little Dragon resmack to coin the Rustie-ism. Annoyingly it doesn't seem to be on their [equally brilliant] new album The Process. I will thus of course be paying them a visit at Lovebox to demand recompense. 


Biophilia Begins...

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I know I'm supposed to be really excited about this new Biophilia album/ project thingy from Bjork, presently debuting at Manchester International Festival. I am, I promise, I nearly attacked a producer who has been working on this album for details (not allowed to name him/ her, apologies). Crystalline (above) sounds like the closest thing to the Vespertine album since it came along and changed everything in my tiny mind, yet with it's own very distinctive textures and direction which seems to end up in experimental drum and bass wonderland - yes yes all very exciting. Now can we talk about this remix please??

Now Playing: New Albums From Ebo Taylor, Orchestre Poly-Rythmo and Seun Kuti

I seem to have acquired three brilliant new albums from West Africa this spring, all on the funk inflected flex but not all strictly afrobeat.


The most recent is The 1st Album by Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou of Benin released on June 7th through Analog Africa. Apparently Samy Ben Redjab came across a test pressing of a session by the band from 1973 which was rejected by their record label at the time because of background noise. The band had to record a second session which became their rare as hen's teeth official album, and The 1st Album features two tracks from each. OPR actually put out another album earlier this year on Strut featuring their first new recordings for 20 years entitled "Cotonou Club".
The 1st Album 07.06.2011, Analog Africa [iTunes link]
Cotonou Club 29.03.2011, Strut [iTunes link]


The second is also a set of re-releases but from Ghana's Ebo Taylor, hot on the heels of his album Love and Death last October. My lovely friends over at The Revivalist have a great interview and feature on the man as part of their Transatlantic Issue. You can download a track from the album for free from Nora Ritchie's Soundcloud player below.

   Ebo Taylor - Atwer Abroba by noraritchie
Life Stories 12.04.2011, Strut [iTunes link]
Love and Death 22.10.2011, Strut [iTunes link]

Finally, Seun Kuti's From Africa With Fury: Rise. The interview with Wax Poetics above is great, but I can't help but wonder what Africans who are based outside of Nigeria or Africa will be feeling in reaction to this kind of music.   
From Africa With Fury: Rise 1.4.2011, Knitting Factory Records [iTunes link]

Stream/ Download: Gil Scott-Heron - Live At The Bottom Line '77


"We have a feeling that everybody in the whole world speaks drum..." 

I've been digging through some of Gil Scott Heron's work I was previously unfamiliar with since his passing, and this is one of my favourite finds so far. I love the way as he speaks to the audience he jumps between hilarity, fascinating stories and the searing truth. At times it's tough listening to such a beautiful soul knowing he's gone, but comforting that recordings like this ensure the most important parts are still here.

It's easy to forget with so much information at our fingertips that Gil Scott Heron was aeons ahead of his time in terms of his knowledge of world politics and culture, I'm reminded here that he really was one of the griots he spoke of. The music itself has also lost nothing over the 30 years since this recording, which came just before the release of the album Bridges. Even classic songs like It's Your World feel brand new again with the addition of the beautiful introductions and live instrumentation. 

Download: Gil Scott-Heron "Live At The Bottom Line '77" [click here]



Lianne La Havas

We were invited to play a few tracks we're listening to at the moment for Tom Robinson's BBC Radio 6 Music Show "Now Playing", there's one day left to listen to

the whole show

, but they sent over our 5 mins so I've uploaded it below in case you'd like to hear it.  We played an exclusive called

Clara Barton

from Oddisee's forthcoming instrumental album Rock Creek Park, Løb Stop Stå by Boom Clap Bachelors, and Final Form by Lianne La Havas.

FYI they also cut down the list of artists I said I was listening to! I actually said - Valentina, Michael Kiwanuka, Stac, Debruit, Eska, Tanya Auclair, Olivier Daysoul, Quadron, Dam Funk, Micachu, Tune Yards, Bilal, Brittany Bosco, Tranqill (no wonder they cut it down).

I also wrote an article for their blog -

"In Search of Buried Treasure"

A lot of music bloggers lay claim to the title "curator", but I can't remember the last time I went to a gallery where the curator was shoving last weeks exhibition out of the back door before I had a chance to see it, whilst bustling past me to usher in ten random new paintings, half of them rubbish, still dripping wet and unframed...

Read the rest

over @ BBC6

Video + MP3: Tanya Auclair "Closer" on Spine TV x Yult Remix

It's always great to see team PMOI crew getting love in other places and this lovely video by Spine TV of Tanya Auclair and her new band kicks off what is about to be a very exciting couple of months for that lady in the lead up to her new EP "Origami" (set for release June 13th, launch party Thursday 9th June). Keep your eyes peeled over here for more news on that soon but in the meantime check out this juicy remix of "Closer" by Yult. 

   Closer (Yult Remix) by Tanya Auclair

If you are a numpty and you haven't done so yet go and download Tanya's last EP "Thrum" which we premiered here last summer.

Review: Mara Carlyle Live at The Forge [Camden Crawl]


I've long loved Mara's album The Lovely (which admittedly I may not have heard if I didn't work with the label it came out on - you can listen in full below), so perhaps this afternoon's performance shouldn't have come as such a shock to me, and yet somehow it did. I had wrongly assumed that the vocal perfection on that recording was impossible to recreate live, and that no singer would dare. I was incorrect.  

As you can hear above, Mara's music is exceptionally classy, so her humble charm
and joking familiarity in between tracks feels a bit like being snapped suddenly out of a dream you don't want to end by your practical sibling. The moment she picks up her saw (she plays the saw and guitars of varying sizes) and begins to sing everything in the room changes. From a technical standpoint the woman is a marvel and her vocal range is extraordinary, but that's not really the point. We traveled with her through the most incredible range of emotions, from agonizing lament to soaring afternoon delight (Baby Bloodheart is about an orgasm), to a stunning Vietnamese folk song Mara somehow seamlessly mixed with... Amerie "One Thing".


At various points I found myself slack-jawed, misting up, and I think my heartbeat became worryingly irregular when she performed a single verse of Pianni. Some of Mara's band also seemed equally amazed by her (including the gorgeous double bass player Arista of the Guillemots, who when off-stage made faces of varying incredulity). It seemed odd until Mara explained the band had only met each other 20 minutes before the show, a fact I am still trying to get my head around. They really brought the album to life with such stunning vibrancy and layered depths.


Possibly the most exciting part of the show was the announcement that Mara's second album Nuzzle, which has been completed for at least three years and suspended in major label purgatory, is finally coming out this July. We await with baited breath.

Stream: Valentina "Heart Of Glass"


I think this might be the one. I think Valentina's Weights EP is my favourite project of the year so far (and it has been quite a year for music already), primarily because of this song. Two things - if you attempt listen to this on your laptop speakers I will physically come through your screen and harm you. Second thing, if you cannot see how insanely beautiful this piece of music is please keep listening until you get there. I mean, just look at the waveform when it gets to 2:42! Funnily enough this version sounds slightly less polished than the version you can buy. Which you really must.

   Valentina - Heart Of Glass by facultydigital

Valentina "Weights" EP - [iTunes]