PMOI Presents: Eric Lau's Last Night On Earth [Mix #001]

Eric Lau Last Night On Earth Mix -

"Whenever I listen to this I picture the sky opening up. I feel that my last night on Earth would probably look this."

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[/wpcol_1third] [wpcol_2third_end id="" class="" style=""] My first experience of mixes (like many other eighties babies), were the cassette tapes my friends would give each other. We weren't trying to be particularly cool or clever, they were generally quite personal and sentimental, and I still have mine in a shoe box under the bed. I've always wanted to create a mix series on PMOI but was wary of the potential for disposable mixes full of music that's hot for a few weeks but doesn't make much impact emotionally. The "Last Night On Earth" series was my way of provoking some soul searching, and when Eric sent the first mix (he decided to re-do it, ever the perfectionist, I didn't even ask him for the detailed notes below!) I found myself moved to tears. I hope you keep this for a long time.  - AI - I often get approached to compile mixes and have free reign to do whatever but this time I was given a theme, ‘Last Night On Earth’. I was like okaaay, this is a challenge. Many thoughts and images came through but I never really thought about death as being my last night on earth, more that I would be flying to another place somehow. Probably on some craft or I would suddenly have the ability to fly, either which way I can picture myself with my iPod and Sennheisers on. There’s isn’t any contemporary music in the mix apart from Dilla because I would like to think everyone would be leaving earth too! The selection is based on a combination of good memories and what I personally look for in music. This is what I would like to listen to on my ascent away from Earth, I hope you enjoy is as much I do! - Eric Lau - 1. Hugh Hopper & Alan Gowen - Morning Order - Two Rainbows Daily (1980)

Just so calming, I like listening to it either very late at night or when I first wake up! Thought it would be a nice way to start. (Dilla also used it for Common ‘Nag Champa’ one of my favs too) - 2. Truth is The Key - Tarika Blue - Tarika Blue (1977)

Lyrics are so on point, I love the message and definitely resonates with what I stand for. Musicianship is next level too, especially guitar and synth solos! - 3. We The People Who Are Darker Than Blue - Curtis Mayfield - Curtis Mayfield Live (1973)

This was the first song I heard in my life that was inclusive of ‘Yellow’ people and it really touched me. I was like, wait, he’s actually talking to me too! I played a live video of this to some students of mine once and found out that the performance was in aid of the charity ‘Save The Children’. I had just released a project for ‘Save The Children’ and it really choked me up. Made me realize I was on the right path. - 4. I think I’ll Call it Morning - Gil Scott Heron - Pieces of a Man (1971)

Reminds me when I was at Uni being all young and confused! This song reassured me that everything was gonna be okay! - 5. I Love You - Weldon Irvine - Sinbad (1976)

This song just makes me feel good, Master Wel + Mr Blackman = Magic - 6. Lucky Fellow - Leroy Hutson - Huston (1975)

Remember hearing this before I knew what sampling was, and found out that Erykah’s ‘No Love’ came from a whole different song. I rinsed ‘No Love’ at the time and loved it, but Leroy’s original version is next level. - 7. Kevin Moore - Speak Your Mind - Rainmaker (1980)

This was used in one of my favorite Dilla beats ever. Once I found it I was like woah, this song is incredible! Lyrics are on point and its so funky even without drums. - 8. Visions - Stevie Wonder - Innervisions (1973)

Reminds me of when I was truly falling in love with music. The songwriting is just out of this world. Thought I would cut the song at ‘all things have an ending’ which I thought suited the theme of the mix! - 9. Rainy Day - Shuggie Otis - Inspiration Information (1974) From one of my favorite records, I could listen to this all day. - 10. Dedicada A Ela - Arthur Verocai - Arthur Verocai (1972)

Reminds me of recent times with my father. He stayed with me for a month and it was the best time we have ever had together. Arthur Verocai was the soundtrack to this period of time. - 11. Luiza - Beto Guedes, Danilo Caymmi, Novelli, Toninho Horta - Beto Guedes, Danilo Caymmi, Novelli, Toninho Horta (1973)

Mr Mensah put me onto this, the runs on this just do something to me. Stupidness! - 12. Lihue - Nohelani Cypriano - Nohelani (1979)

Came across this through Karriem Riggins’ Music Kaleidoscope mix (One of my favs mixes of all time!) I’v always wanted to go to Hawaii but never had a chance, this song takes me there. - 13. Tell Me What To Do - Johnny Hammond - Gears (1975)

Had to Mizell it again, the groove is ridiculous. Makes me wanna move. - 14. Music Is My Sanctuary - Gary Bartz - Music Is My Sanctuary (1977)

Came across this through 4 Hero LifeStyles Comp a few years back. Ultimate cooking song. Try it. - 15. Instant Love with Minnie Riperton - Leon Ware - Musical Massage (1976)

One of the first records I bought, loved everything about this LP especially the cover! Had it on my wall when I was at Uni. - 16. Baby, This Love I Have - Minnie Riperton - Adventures In Paradise (1975)

I love most of her music but chose this because it reminds me when I first started sampling and studying how people like ATCQ and Pete Rock used the this track. On another note I wanna marry Minnie, she is an angel. Hopefully meet her in another lifetime. - 17. I Want You (Vocal & Rhythm Section) - Marvin Gaye - I Want You ‘Deluxe Edition’ (2003) 18. I Want You (Vocal) - Marvin Gaye - I Want You (1976)

If I could be any singer it would be Marvin. Sooo pimp without even trying. This record was played over and over. - 19. I Wanna Be Where You Are - Michael Jackson - Got To Be There (1972)

Wow more Leon Ware written music, shows how much of a great songwriter he is. Not an obvious choice for MJ but I just like the purity in this. - 20. All About Love (Outro) - Earth, Wind & Fire - That's The Way Of The World (1975)

Probably the best interlude ever. - 21. Konda - Miles Davis - Directions (1981)

Reminds me of Japan, great memories. - 22. Aisha - John Coltrane - The Heavyweight Champion: the Complete Atlantic Recordings (1995)

Flawless, makes me at ease. Nice in the winter. Could play this all day. - 23. Yutaka - Evening Star - Love Light (1981)

Had to have something east asian in the mix! Plus it was recorded the year I was born. The sound is just beautiful! - N.B

I HAD to do a little Dilla section. To be honest I could do several Dilla mixes showing why I like his music so much and what I’ve learnt from his music but wanted to stick with the theme. - 24. Im So Glad Your Dorothy - Jay Dee - Beat Tape (1998)

Dilla turned Evening Star into some sacred geometry. - 25. Marvine - Jay dee - Voodoo Demos (1998)

So simple, but the split second timing of the way he releases the guitar chops really gets me for some reason. - 26. Interlude - Slum Village - Fantastic Volume 2 (2000)

Funky as hell, makes me go crazy. Loved the way he did the fades to make it impossible to loop! - 27. Keep It Coming - Frank n Dank - 48 Hours

No one ever talks about this track, the patterns are craaazzy. - 28. Ma Dukes (Original Demo) - Jay Dee - Da 1st Installment (2005)

This track is just eerie, it haunts me in a good way. The way the guitar just floats, the voice, synth rise just makes me shake my head in disbelief... - 29. Fantastic Intro (Original Demo) - Jay Dee - Fantastic Volume 2 Demos (1999)

One of the most perfect chord sequences ever, this demo version also includes some other chops not used in the final version which seems to do something to my face muscles. If anyone knows the original sample please contact me! - 30. Fall in Love Remix - Slum Village - Fantastic Volume 2 (2000)

Whenever I listen to this I picture the sky opening up. I feel that my last night on earth would probably look this. -

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