PMOI Live @ Bootstrap Company Summer Party

pmoibootstrap Our friends at The Bootstrap Company invited PMOI to curate the live music for their annual summer party at Dalston Roof Park, and we were only too happy to oblige. Somehow we managed to blag our musical heroes The Invisible for a DJ set, it was the perfect excuse to invite Denai Moore along to play before she goes stellar (and whose beautiful Saudade EP we've had on repeat for 6 months, after PMOI events intern extraordinaire Amina thrust it under my nose), in keeping with the mixed events of the day we have poetry (a first!) from the witty and provocative Musa Okwonga, and a party ain't a party without a DJ set from NTS Radio's morning marauder Marshmello.

There will also be lots of other activities on the day - a four storey mural, the launch of the Bootstrap Campus, swing dance lessons in a bunker, a design exhibition, comedy from Hackney's finest Kojo and various other amusements in and around the Bootstrap Company's various spaces. Tickets are only £3 but they're going fast...


Video: Eska 'Gate Keeper' - In The Woods 2012

In The Woods, in my humble opinion, is currently the best music festival in the UK. I certainly haven't been to them all, but their line up is so carefully curated (The entire Laurel Collective has to watch every artist perform and vote on them), the site so beautifully decorated (covered in beautiful lights and art installations) and the atmosphere is truly magical (actual, real magic). My only grumble was missing the lighting of the giant bonfire and Alt J's headline performance in order to catch the last train to London, but it's hardly their fault I wasn't up for camping.

One of the many, many searingly beautiful moments was Eska's set. I couldn't see her since the band sat down in solidarity with Dave Okumu of The Invisible who was recovering from a nasty accident in Nigeria. Her voice carried over the tree tops, around the coloured streamers and through the smoke to reach us all however, and it was very special moment. I'm so pleased that you can catch a glimpse of how special both the festival and Eska are in this barn session.