Video: Tawiah "Every Step" Live, PMOI @ The C.A.M.P.

I first came across Tawiah back in 2008, when hardly anyone was self-releasing EPs or making the kind of music she made. Her "In Jodi's Bedroom" EP felt like it was part of the start of something so exciting in our music scene, at the time I could name the artists I knew of who sang in a London accent on one hand. I must have gone to see her live more than ten times, and hoped that one day I would book her.

Four years on, in a period of relative quiet to the outside world (writing a really good album takes time!), my partner in crime and resident DJ Eric Lau and I asked Tawiah to come and perform at the C.A.M.P., hoping we could do her justice. My favourite part of running a night is always soundcheck. The band might be a little stressed trying to tweak and perfect everything at the last minute, but I get a private gig where I don't have to worry about the guest list or whether it will start raining and no one will come. My lasting thought as I watched Tawiah soundcheck, was that I was watching a future star, an incredibly gifted artist who couldn't fail to go on and perform for the rest of her life to thousands of people.

I hope the video shows you even a tiny fraction of the atmosphere Tawiah and her band generated that night.