Sonnymoon "Morning Person" & "Just Before Dawn" Videos

The trouble with experiments is the outcome is often not very attractive. Unless you're experimenting with something that's already very beautiful, and the fact that Anna Wise could sing "Deutschland, Deutschland über alles" through a traffic cone with a cold and still make it sound lovely probably helps free Sonnymoon up as a group to really play around with what they're doing.

I've been so curious to find out what a Sonnymoon album will sound like the past two years, their music has been evolving so much that a traditional album format seems more and more in need of an update - if they're starting out with an 8 minute single I'm even more intrigued to see what their full length project will turn out to be.

Sigur Rós "Ekki múkk" Video

I imagine one of the best things about being in Sigur Rós is putting out videos full of hidden pixie messages humans can't actually see but spend hours looking at, totally captivated despite themselves. They have a new album coming out in May called Valtari, and I look forward to squeaking along, pretending I understand what they're talking ab0ut.

Niki & The Dove "Tomorrow" & "The Fox" Video / MP3

The current funneling of the very best of the 80s (Kate Bush, The Bangles, Fleetwood Mac etc) through the world of alternative pop music by the likes of Niki and The Dove, Gotye, Toro y Moi & co seems to be churning out the musical equivalent of anti-depressants. Without the worrying side effects. The Fox is a particular favourite in my house (ie: enforced listening). After a few weeks of making up my own utterly ridiculous words I looked up the lyrics to this song online, and its up beat power-punch crunchiness made even less sense, if it really is about insomnia.

Download Niki & The Dove "The Fox" here. Happy times.