Here are 10 reasons you should sack your PR and get a better one. You’re worth it.

They don’t discuss a strategy with you (because they probably don’t have one).

They send out one email blast to hundreds of blogs with no personal approaches or follow ups, when as we all know, one size definitely does not fit all.

They don’t try to secure you exclusives, features or interviews. Half an hour on the front page of Nah Right in exchange for your blood, sweat & tears. Result.

They send your music out at ridiculous times (10pm on a Friday night?! You may as well just put it in the bin).

They send multiple emails to the same press list on the same day (*select all, delete*) 

They don’t report back to you. Hey, you’re only paying them, they’re not your slave. 

They’re on a retainer but don’t try to build you long term press relationships, because as we all know hundreds of short term relationships lead to a life of true fulfillment.

They send out music by anyone who pays them. You, Rebecca Black, Ja Rule - it’s all music after all.

They’re spammers “HEY @kanyewest @pitchfork @sarahpalin COMMENT, LIKE, SHARE, RT THE NEW SONG BY @wackface!!”

They don’t BCC - thus incurring the enduring wrath and hatred of all bloggers for ever and ever amen.


Ask bloggers and journalists for recommendations 

Ask for a proposal and to see previous campaign strategies and successes. 

You can also find someone’s IP address and check it on a database for blacklisting, which at the very least should let you know it’s not worth paying for your work to end up in a spam filter.