Stupid Animals and Wasters

I have a confession to make. I got to the point this week where my laptop was completely full. Within an hour I had 20GB+ free space just through deleting music downloads (all legally obtained of course, ahem) and I realised how much I'm sitting on I haven't even unzipped yet let alone listened to. Slapped wrist & new years resolution starts here.
Whilst I work my way through the backlog allow me introduce someone who seems to have their shit together rather more than I do. AllyAl hit me up this week with a rather sweet selection he thought you may appreciate entitled WE ARE STILL GODS CHOSEN (Stupid Animals). It's pretty glitched out and after certain facebook conversations I was privvy to this week it seems the backlash has officially begun. I heard a few "ooh, it's not like it used to be, this isn't even music, it's just noise and how are you supposed to dance to it?!" conversations...there's loads of rubbish out there I agree but when it's good, it's goooood...


We are still gods chosen intro
Speakerface rmx – MusSck & One too many Three’s (
Beyond the Sky – Ras-G & The Afrikan Space Program (
Rawhide ft Rae & Meth – ODB
Sweetyard Sale – Dorian Concept (
Electric Red Current – The Billion Dollar Quartet (
Chocolate – DaM Funk (
Dream – Kijk een ster (
Eutow – Autechre
Finger Puppet Infinite Potentials (
JJ Tron – Dr Who Dat ? aka Jneiro Jarel (
One of those funky things – Quasar (
Bombs - Zackey Force Funk (
Boogiewat – NIQ (
Bulldoze Her – Dorian Concept
Overnight – Hudson Mohawke
Stupid Animals Interlude
Window Licker – Aphex Twin
Spacelab – Kraftwerk
Dancing On Holiday – Souled (
Galaxy - Innerzone Orchestra
Nice Acre Dust (Chemical Brothers rmx) – The Charlatans
Musique – Daft Punk
Cassius 99 (Rmx radio edit) - Cassius