Hudson Mohawke - "Butter" Update + Downloads

People seem to be under the impression I am Fly Lo & Hud Mo's biggest fan, and I was asked for an update on Butter the other day which made me laugh. 3+ years ago when I first heard Heralds of Change "Bopgunn" ft Olivier DaySoul (clk to download) on a Roskilde mix it blew my mind, and the beat generation promptly exploded. Every producer from that movement who was truly innovating and not just imitating the next guy is still innovating, and that's why I'm excited about Hudson's first album Butter despite the fact I've moved on from some of the kind of music that was coming out in the early wave.
Hudson Mohawke / Spreadable Edition - Butter Tub Side Sticker

Info from Warp
The release date for Hudson Mohawke's stunning debut album Butter has moved back 2 weeks until 26th/27th October, but we now have a new free sticker for all of Bleep's preorder customers, loads of new live dates and the designs are in for the Spreadable Edition Butter Tub and are looking fresh.
On top of all this we have re-capped all the recent free Hudson Mo downloads below and there's ample opportunity to see our man live - with dates spanning the globe including this weekend at Nail The Cross in London, an Australian Tour and a Butter Album Launch Party courtesy of Numbers in Glasgow on October 17th.  Boom.

Download Free Butter Album Sampler MP3
Download Free Track - Rising 5 MP3
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