Download + Video: Eric Lau "This Is For You"

It's not you it's him. That is if you don't fully understand or are vaguely impressed by something Eric proclaims to be simple, he's just a really humble person. He also hates interviews so it's nice to seem him so relaxed on camera.This might be the last of this kind of sound you hear from Eric for a little while, he's been working on a raft of new stuff lately - collaborations, pseudonyms and experiments I can't wait to hear more about. Eric and PMOI also have a little announcement coming soon I'm getting very excited about, keep 'em peeled...

Marques Toliver "Butterflies Are Not Free" EP

Marques Toliver "Deep in My Heart"

This EP came out back in April and went on a long list of things to check out I never did - face palm. JB III comparisons aside (Toliver could almost be a less vocally oversexed and overstyled cousin), there's something really magical and original about this guy. At the very least you must listen to this song past 2:46. The rest of the EP is equally juicy, I keep uncovering interesting new nuggets with every listen.

Buy: Marques Toliver "Butterflies Are Not Free" EP [iTunes link]

Download: Kae Sun "Outside The Barcode" EP

I've just come across this lovely artist of Ghanaian extraction based in Canada, Kae Sun. I really like the stripped down sound of his "Outside The Barcode" EP, which he released for free at the end of June. The video above was shot at the farm where the EP was recorded, he reminds me in places of both Nneka and Paul Simon, there's something warm and endearing about this music.

Download: Kae Sun "Outside The Barcode" EP

Video: Cornelia "Aquarius Dreams"

I'm so cynical. My first thought when I heard this track was how incredibly sync friendly it sounds. Get money. Ahem. Luckily this painstakingly gorgeous video by the talented Mr Thomas of has forced me back in to fan mode alongside Cornelia's ultra-femme dangerous pixie vocal (seriously I've met her, she looks like she might lure you in to the woods to play then steal half your Haribo if you doze off - watch your back).

You can buy Aquarius Dreams through Cornelia's very own record label Camp Mozart now.

Video: Nneka "Soul Is Heavy"

New Nigerian national anthem? It's certainly more scathing than "Arise O Compatriots, Nigeria's call obey..." As someone who left in August 1995  before they hanged Ken Saro-Wiwa three months later, I appreciate those brave enough to keep talking about the fact Nigeria has a long way to go. It's exceptionally difficult to tread the line between politics and art without compromising either but Nneka seems to have been put here to do so.

Video: Tawiah "Break Away" [Live Acoustic]

"So we have a new incredible artist called Tawiah that I reckon you’re going to like" says the PR email. How sweet. I'm pretty sure at least 90% of people I know are still playing Tawiah's incredible EP In Jodis Bedroom [iTunes link] from 2008 regularly. Looks like the major label push has begun however, let's hope they get it right because everyone with properly working ears will be supporting Tawiah, one of the most talented artists this country contains.