Invincible - People Not Places video sneak preview

If you didn't already know Invincible is originally from Israel, so this song & video is testament to her serious guts. I can't wait to see the whole thing - it's from her album Shapeshifters which I will continue to talk about until you have all bought it.
"People Not Places" exposes the process of historic and continued colonization of Palestine as being even deeper than land seizure and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians, but one that is invested in erasing the indigenous language, culture, and memory. The video features Invincible with Suhell Nafar (DAM) and Abeer. It was directed by Iqaa the Olivetone and produced by EMERGENCE Media.

*Video is 5.35 in for those of you who don't pay attention man - that's why your money is the size of your attention span ;-)

Invincible has tour dates in Europe 5th & 9th July - if she doesn't get a show in London again I'm just going to hop a plane to Detroit.