Ty "Emotions" feat. Sarina Leah & Shaun Escoffery


I have a really good feeling about this track, and the album, which is a brilliant mixture of music that's uplifting, touches your heart, makes you want to shock out and meditate on life all in the space of an hour or so. Picked as Mista Jam's "Jam Hot" single of the week, he'll be interviewing Ty this Thursday from 7pm on Radio 1Xtra... "Emotions" is released on 16th March, and the album "Special Kind of Fool" on 19th April.

<a href="http://tymusics.bandcamp.com/track/ty-emotions-feat-sarina-leah-shaun-escoffery-album-version">Ty &quot;Emotions&quot; feat. Sarina Leah &amp; Shaun Escoffery (Album Version) by tymusic</a>