Photos: L.A. Salami & Valentina @ Put Me On It Live 13th Feb 2013

Whilst we finish editing the videos I can't wait for you to see, here's a selection of photos from our last event. It was really exciting to catch two completely different artists right before they both undoubtedly make significant waves on the festival circuit later this year. L.A. Salami is a poet at heart who can't switch it off (just try asking how he is if you're up for an existential journey), and his performance was both thought provoking and inspiring. Valentina is one of those artists who commits every part of themselves to the moment, her soundcheck left me in tears and you could hear a pin drop during her stunning performance of "Gabriel". As always, Marshmello played an extremely juicy and eclectic and DJ set, and special guest Budgie kept us on the floor when the lights came up with rare groove, rare soul, and a whole bunch of other rare stuff.

A huge thank you to our photographer Wayne Thomas, see the full selection on our Facebook page.

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