This week...

I took a blowtorch to the proverbial candle at both ends. This will be known as the year I gave up sleep.

Before I get in to anything else, Brownswood Bubblers 3 came out. Now, I like the other two, but this one sounds like Gilles has been drinking fire. I didn't get to the whole thing until this morning but I had a heart stopping moment when listening to Mixed Nutz this Saturday on Rinse. YAW - WHERE WOULD YOU BE? IS ONE OF THE MOST INCREDIBLE SONGS I'VE HEARD IN I CAN'T REMEMBER HOW LONG YOU NEED IT IN YOUR LIFE. I want to cry, dance, fly, do things I won't write about here, and somehow exist inside this song...I'll have to settle for putting it on repeat for at least a month. Here it is - Yaw - Where would you be?

I wanted to go to the Roundhouse on Wednesday as mentioned way back when on here for the Jose James (love love love) and Eska (Queen of everything) gig, but best friends birthday meal was more, but I did leave early to go to Deviation. It's official - Deviation is far and away my favourite night in London for so many reasons. The consistency of their wet dream programming, the quality of DJs (if they had Alexander Nut on residency it would be on a whole other level but hey - no hints there), the crowd (no scene kids, just music lovers), I've never had less than an amazing time there. I had a beautiful moment dancing in the dark to Q-Tip with my friends thinking - it's hard to be much happier than this (missing loved ones aside). Vula, Morgan Zarate and Queen Eska made it yet another classic 'oh my god, wtf?!' night.

Thursday I was feeling pretty fragile after getting home at 3am and being at work by 9.30am but a colleague put on Vespertine by Bjork and it was all ok...can I just check you've all heard it? Click the link to listen, it's classic, buy it don't download, you need it on your shelf. One of my top 5 favourite albums of all time, I truly believe if there is a heaven that's what they're bumping. Best times to play it - Christmas with fairy lights, in the bath in the dark, and Frosti is my alarm clock - means I don't mind waking up. I then went out AGAIN to Nuts to Soup at Visions Video bar in Dalston. I would love to know why everyone has started to go out so late? I had to leave at midnight or so - when everyone started to arrive. Highlights - Santee dropped Conscious by Womack and Womack, Alex dropped Sunshowers by Dr Buzzard's Original Savannah Band, and Ed (Mr Wonderful indeed) let me taste his suya and jollof rice (check out Suya Express people) - hold tight boys.

Friday I actually fell asleep in a meeting. Again. Shame. I came home and got in bed at 9pm, carried on with my mission to learn Wordpress CSS code (nerd alert), and checked out blog land - half the music on there put up for free download they can't even give away it's so bad but I did come across a little gem. Here's Would You by Richard Swift.

Saturday I went to DJ Cavalry's house for a mango juice, to raid his Dad's allotment (I was scared I'd get mugged I got so many blackberries), and to listen to his amazing music collection. He's currently working on the mixtape to end them all, bait your breath people. I then headed down to Plastic People for a last minute ting - Benny Blanco of Chaingang and Alexander Nut were DJing with some indie Roisin Murphy/ KT Tunstall sounding live band on before. Hilariously a few PP regulars came down, heard the band and took the entire London hip hop scene with them to a party in Dalston. A couple of the hardcore stayed to watch a bunch of shameless office party types get down to the finest music in London. Spied antics included - trying not to be sick on their own shoes, zombified walking to the booth & staring, soul clapping completely out of tune, begging requests (well done for not laughing in anyone's face gents), and 'seducing' the DJs by shaking non existent booty, squatting to the floor every 30 seconds like you have a urinary issue and waving. It was definitely interesting.

Tonight I'm going to Pause at Market Place -Eric Lau, Fatima Layla & the whole crew's night. The last one was beautiful vibes, very chilled, wicked music, and made my weekend seem pleasantly long and fulfilled. See y'all there.