Video: Waajeed x Invincible "Detroit Summer"

Invincible + Waajeed - "Detroit Summer"/"Emergence" from EMERGENCE Media on Vimeo.

I like this. It almost goes without saying I've been a fan of Invincible and Waajeed for a long time, in fact the first place I heard about Invincible was on Detroit Winter from the classic Platinum Pied Pipers album. What I really like about this video is a lyric and theme that sticks in my mind from Detroit Winter - "if you can't take the winter then you don't deserve summer". Detroit has been through a lot but according Invincible's lyrics on this new track Detroit Summer "You call Motown a ghost-town, but the city's vibrant!" - it certainly looks that way from this video, due in part I imagine to community projects like the Detroit Summer Live Arts Media Project which features here. Much respect to those artists who choose to stick it out through the winter, and don't run off to the land of constant summer...

Buy the "Detroit Summer" b/w "Emergence" 7" single (free download included) here: